Our Services


Handyman/Repair Services

We offer many in-house repair and handyman services to quickly coordinate and schedule our clients' work at a cost effective rate. Many of the services you cannot find someone to make time for, we can take care of. We promise to make time for even the smallest of jobs.

Some of our services include:

Furniture, Equipment, and Toy Assembly Services

Drywall Repair

Paint Touch ups

Tile repair

Hardware replacement and installation

Electrical fixture/outlet replacement

Can light installation

Step repair and replacement

Door and window repair

Leaky fixture repair

and much much more.

Maintenance Management

The way our maintenance plans work are simple.

We start with a basic quarterly assessment package that allows us to effectively oversee your property and catch any maintenance issues before they become larger problems.

We then discuss any additional needs of our potential clients and offer solutions to fit those needs to ensure they will receive the quality of service needed.

Some of our popular add-on services include:

HVAC Filter change

Light bulb replacement

Appliance Maintenance

Safety System Maintenance

Power Washing

Gutter Cleaning

and more!

When our clients become members, they receive multiple benefits.

These include:

On-Site assessments with maintenance recommendations and pictures

Maintenance logs that keep track of what has been done and what has been recommended

Complete inventory of all appliance and equipment you keep on our service plan

Scheduled preventive maintenance on various systems of your property

Waived service call fees and priority response for all repair services

Discount in-house repair pricing

We customize all of our maintenance plans to fit the individual needs of our clients

Complete Property Care

In addition to the above packages, we can also manage all of your current maintenance pros so that you can rest easy. That means no more calling the HVAC company once per year to clean that unit, or the lawn maintenance company to keep your grounds looking good all year, or the pest control company and arrange normal or incidental services.

We can manage it all so that you only deal with one company; Trinitas.

Call today and ask us what we can do for you!

Move-in/Move-out Property Preparation

Whether you are a rental property owner, an office manager, or a buyer or seller in the real estate marketplace, this service is made for you.

Preparing properties for sale, rent, or office space may have you calling multiple companies and professionals;





Stop stressing out and call Trinitas!

We can provide you with all of these services or manage the companies that will. All you have to do is call us and tell us what you need and we will do all the heavy lifting.

New Construction Services

These services are aimed at general contractors and self contractors.

You could use your trim carpenters, painters, electricians, and others to help you finish your project and get it ready for the final walk through, or you could just call us and have your other subs ready for the next project.

We offer two sets of services for our contractors:

Installation and assembly


Cabinet hardware

Toilet Partitions

Washroom Accessories


Office cubicles

Office furniture

Punch List Items

Let us get that property ready for final walkthrough and sale. Get your other subs out, we can help you finish all the items on your punch list and be available for the final walk through to make sure we get your client everything they need done.

Project Management

Have a bigger project going on? Needing to schedule and supervise but don't have the time?

Let us manage your project for you.

We can call and line up all the contractors and get your project done right.

This service can be purchased as a stand alone service or as part of you Complete Property Care Package.

Ask us today how we can keep your property going so you can keep going!


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